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Optimized Life Community

The Optimized Life Community is OPEN!
We help you make your Whole30 changes stick for the long term.
Join us for meal plans, weekly videos, and an amazing community of people.

Helping You Succeed In Life By Conquering Four Main Areas

Healthy Food

Food is the fuel of life, start getting your health back on track with the right foods and diet for you.


The way we move is one of the defining human traits and it is becoming a lost art in the modern society.  Start here to get moving like you are supposed to.  

Family & Relationships

Food and Exercise are the tools you need to build a healthy life but if you can't fit them into a modern lifestyle then you won't succeed with your goals.  

Purpose & Productivity

What is your why and how are you going to do it all? Learn how to be present with your family and get things done.